Smart cyber society is a community which is made up of various features which are essential such as society and CPS. It gives you the chance to share information by the use of a similar communication mode and medium such as the web.

Similarly, a smart cyber society is composed of an architecture which is composed of three domains. The major areas include cyber society domain, the cyber home domain and the free cyber domain, all of which contribute to the natural and effective communication. It is therefore vital to understand the areas which are involved in the cyber community and their essence in the digitally advancing world.

The current development in the embedded device field like the sensors, smartphones and the actuators has lately provided a significant business. There are lots of potential rewards of business which are focused on the new era of the web of things or what might be called the internet of things. In this world, every capillary device or the electronic devices and gadgets can interconnect and communicate with one another over the highly developed internet.

As a result, web technology has availed away from integrating as well as sharing a universal communication medium. Nevertheless, there is a missing comprehensive architecture as well as an excellent platform to facilitate the integration of both the web of things and the cyber-physical system. 

Following this lack of a proper platform, there is a proposal which has been made to help increase or boost the efficiency of smart cyber society. Since a community is made of communication, homes and even other engagements, the following will be part and parcel of the smart cyber society to make it more effective in its functioning and adoption.

The Smart Home Concept

Smart Cyber society cannot stand without the idea of a smart home. Even if it seems to be helping the intelligent home concept, it also depends on the idea to propel it on the other hand, for effectiveness. Therefore, to get a connection of the same and to enhance the digital sharing in the society as proposed to the analog one, there is need to establish a smart home first before integrating the smart cyber society.

Smart home technology or what many tend to refer to as the home automation tends to give the homeowner’s security comfort as well as high-level convenience. Similarly, it provides the homeowners with energy efficiency by providing them with the opportunity to control the smart devices using the smart home map.

Therefore, with the integration of the intelligent cyber society, these services will be more and more reliable to the homeowners. This is due to the enhancement of the platforms to help in digital security and other activities.

Virtual Communication Platform

For the best functionality of the smart cyber society, there has to be a virtual platform of communication. This platform will make it possible to have six operational layers of communication which will issue the users with a universal medium of communication.

Some of the benefits that this technology will bring are similar communication language and the convenience of communication. As such, there will be communication efficiency among the members of the society through the web of things and even the cyber-physical systems.

System Architecture

Moreover, there is a need for system architecture to help the smart cyber society move an extra mile in terms of improving the homeowners and even owners of various businesses in reaching their cyber security goals. The proposed system architecture for the smart cyber society is made up of three domains which have been networked together to perform a joint function towards a particular goal. The areas include:

  • The cyber home domain: this is majorly known as the networked home.
  • The cyber society domain: this is mostly known as the network that links several societies together for communication. The societies which are connected using the cyber society domain include hospitals, the fire brigades and even the police to help in emergencies and shift communication of other dangers in the society.
  • The mobile cyber society: this is one of the essential domains of smart cyber society. It includes the networked vehicles which are controlled using various applications. The cars are using quick services to provide people with transportation needs.

The Bottom Line

While most technologists are trying to work day and night to bring to life the smart cyber society concept, there is a need to look back and see what will make this technology more useful. Moreover, the efficiency and the feasibility of the system will have its activities implemented on the single node of Hadoop on a machine that is has a process of over 3 GHz. When finally implemented, this technology will issue safety measures for the older adults, vehicles and other individuals who would be in a position of using it.