List of papers

Detecting Abusive Behaviors in Daycare Centers Using 3D Depth Sensor, by Hee Jung Yoon and Sang Hyuk Son
Adobe Acrobat ドキュメント 218.8 KB
Dynamic Signal Timing for Eco-driving, by Ho-Jin Jung, Haeng-Ju Lee and Sang H. Son
Adobe Acrobat ドキュメント 242.5 KB
Intelligent Stroke Driver Assistance System to Enhance Driver’s Safety, by Sanghoon Jeon, Haengju Lee and Sang Hyuk Son
Adobe Acrobat ドキュメント 201.8 KB
CPU/GPU Collaborated Resource Management for Real-Time GPGPU Applications, by Yuhei Suzuki, Yusuke Fujii, Takuya Azumi, Nobuhiko Nishio and Shinpei Kato
Adobe Acrobat ドキュメント 47.6 KB
Adaptive Tuning of IEEE 802.11 MAC for Improving Control Performance in Cyber-Physical Systems, by Kyoungbok Kim, Yuchang Won, Yongsoon Eun and Kyung-Joon Park
Adobe Acrobat ドキュメント 87.8 KB

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