List of papers

Testing Quasi-testable Core of Non-testable Programs, by Shin Nakajima
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Visualization of Remote Healthcare Data, by Tanvir Rahman Khan, Iqbal Hossain, Kazi Mozaher Hossein Jewel, and Ashir Ahmed
Adobe Acrobat ドキュメント 424.4 KB
Improve the Efficiency of Remote Healthcare System by Detecting Human Input Errors: A Case Study of Portable Health Clinic System in Bangladesh by Jason Wang, Ashir Ahmed, and Iqbal Hossain
Adobe Acrobat ドキュメント 890.7 KB
Towards Customized Virtual Buttons for Cyber-Physical Systems, by Seungtaek Song, Namhyun Kim and Jinkyu Lee
Adobe Acrobat ドキュメント 277.9 KB
A Feature Outlier Identification Method for Multi-object Rracking, by Abraham Monrroy, Shinpei Kato and Edahiro Masato
Adobe Acrobat ドキュメント 305.2 KB
GPU-accelerated Index Nested Loop Join on VoltDB, by Nguyen Anh, Kato Shinpei and Edahiro Masato
Adobe Acrobat ドキュメント 87.8 KB

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